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Floor Tiles- Wall Tiles- Glazed Gres- Elevation Tiles

Creative decoration of your house

When decorating an apartment or house, people for hours analyze possible solutions. What kind of tiles do I need for my kitchen, what floor tiles should I put in the hall? Shall I decide on polished gres1 or maybe more structurally subtle semi-matte gres? There are also other options like shiny, subtle, semi-polished gres. And what about the terrace? Best option is to use base, clinker tiles 30x30 and stair tiles with throat or checquered. That kind of finish will satisfy everyone and create elegant, aesthetic whole. In response to your needs we selected the most interesting collections of tiles which are presented on our Website. Our choice was guided by your future satisfaction. Selected compositions consist of neutral colours which is why they splendidly compose with vivid colours as well as toned down browns, beiges or greyness. All that for the one reason: to create coherent, beautiful interior which will meet all of client’s expectations!

Thanks to our “online shopping system” we are prepared to carry out every order concerning any of listed producers within 48 hours(after checking warehouse stocking). We also offer 3D visualisation which can be done and send to client’s e-mail address by our interior designer. The shipment’s total value is insured. The Client will be noticed over the phone before the shipment arrival. Thanks to that our Client can individually establish the time of delivery.

Versand zum vollen Warenwert versichert. Die Kosten für den Transport ins Ausland werden vom DHL-Beförderer ab dem Datum des Exports berechnet, und der Preis ist nur ein ungefährer Preis für den Transport ins Ausland.
Shipment insured for the full value. The cost of transporting abroad is calculated by the DHL carrier as of the date of export, and the price is only an approximate cost of transporting abroad.

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